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This is a course for people whose native language is not English, which would help develop your language skills, improve job aspects and a skill that can be added to improve your CV.


Depending on your English knowledge and from your entry assessment, you will be assigned to be one of the following levels:


  • Entry level 1

  • Entry level 2

  • Entry level 3 (Equivalent to B1)

  • Level 1 (Equivalent to B2)

  • Level 2

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  • Attendance is mandatory

  • Valid visa to cover the length of the course

  • Complete an entry assignment to recommend you the appropriate level

Dates & times

  • It can take 4 months to a year to complete the course

  • Classes can be in the morning and afternoon starting from 10 AM

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Minimum 4 hours £8.50 Per hour

Pupils can do more hours for a faster progression towards speaking English

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