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GCSE, A-Level, Key Stage & 11+


Successful Track Record

Above 90% of our students achieve A/A*'s upon completing our unique resources.


We take children from ages 8 all the way to getting them into top universities studying subject like medicine dentistry, engineering & more 

Our energetic teachers inspire and motivate to get the best out of your child



GCSE or below: £20 for 90 minute lesson.

A-Level: £25 for

90 minute lesson.


• 2 lessons 10% off
• 3 lessons 15% off
• 4 Lessons 20% off


​You could be paying as little as £10 per hour

With Multiple Subject Bookings

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"My experience at LSC was one complete with joy and success. Not only did the teachers make every student feel welcome, they also tailored their teaching to an individual’s needs, knowing that not everyone can learn the same way. For example, where some people require diagrams or others require visual models, the teachers were there to design an education for everyone. I would like to thank them for making my student experience enjoyable and the grades I achieved would not have been possible without them. I owe my position at Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry to them and my memories there will live on and forever bring a smile to my face."

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"Studying with the London Science College constantly challenged me and helped me to reach my full potential. Through the dedicated tutors and reliable support system, my confidence increased and learning was made enjoyable. I’ve gained so much knowledge and was taught how to develop an analytical mind when approaching questions to help me ace exams. I was able to achieve A’s at A-level which would not have been possible without the encouragement and attention to detail provided through the tutoring sessions. Thanks to the London Science College I’ve continued to have a positive attitude towards learning and have gone on to study Medicine at a London University. I cannot express my gratitude enough for the outstanding service provided."




"I started with LSC back in year 10 and stayed with them until year 13. During this period, they have been nothing but amazing. Their calm, professional and friendly attitude coupled with their ability to breakdown complex problems into simple step-by-step solutions has been key to helping me achieve to the best of my abilities. Their help was not just limited to the core GCSE and A-level curriculum but also included valuable assistance with my university application, interview, and admissions tests, enabling me to secure a spot at one of the best medical schools in the country. Thank you, LSC!"

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