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(BDS Dentistry)

"My experience at LSC was one complete with joy and success. Not only did the teachers make every student feel welcome, they also tailored their teaching to an individual’s needs, knowing that not everyone can learn the same way. For example, where some people require diagrams or others require visual models, the teachers were there to design an education for everyone. I would like to thank them for making my student experience enjoyable and the grades I achieved would not have been possible without them. I owe my position at Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry to them and my memories there will live on and forever bring a smile to my face."

"Studying with London Science College constantly challenged me and helped me to reach my full potential. Through the dedicated tutors and reliable support system, my confidence increased and learning was made enjoyable. I’ve gained so much knowledge and was taught how to develop an analytical mind when approaching questions to help me ace exams. I was able to achieve A’s at A-level which would not have been possible without the encouragement and attention to detail provided through the tutoring sessions. Thanks to London Science College I’ve continued to have a positive attitude towards learning and have gone on to study Medicine at a London University. I cannot express my gratitude enough for the outstanding service provided."

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(MBBS Medicine)



(MBBS Medicine)

"I started with London Science College back in year 10 and stayed with them until year 13. During this period, they have been nothing but amazing. Their calm, professional and friendly attitude coupled with their ability to breakdown complex problems into simple step-by-step solutions has been key to helping me achieve to the best of my abilities. Their help was not just limited to the core GCSE and A-level curriculum but also included valuable assistance with my university application, interview and admissions tests. This enabled me to secure a spot at one of the best medical schools in the country. Thank you, London Science College!"

"I had the privilege to study with London Science Colleges for my GCSE’s and A-level mathematics and further maths. My teacher inspired me and made me enjoy maths. I started looking forward to the harder questions. I have taken my passion to the next stage and now studying pure mathematics at university."



(BSc Mathematics)




"I was really struggling with physics when I started A levels, I tried many different tutors and i was still struggling to understand the subject and was really giving up. I came across London Science College Tutoring through a friend and thought I’d give it a go and it was the best decision I could have made. After studying with them for only a few months my grades went up by 3 grades and I started understanding the questions and subjects so well. I am now training to become a pilot and due to my better understanding of physics and maths after receiving tutoring I am finding my course a lot more easier to understand and enjoyable. I would 100% recommend LSC to anyone who needed help in any subject."

"From struggling with my GCSE's to getting 3 A*'s at my A-levels and receiving the highest marks in the London borough of Harrow, it has been an extraordinary journey. Just as the students competed to get better grades, the teachers at London Science College competed to be better teachers and benefit their students the most. The environment they created was electric and the students would gravitate around their teachers for advice and inspiration. Now I am studying dentistry at King's College and I very much miss my time at London Science College"

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(BDS Dentistry)



(BSc Mathematics & Finance)

"Thanks to London Science College, I was able to sit my GCSE Maths in year 9 and achieved an A*, I even scored higher than the year 11 students. The way my tutor taught me maths makes it feel so easy."

"During my December year 11 mocks, I achieved a 1 and 2 in English language and literature respectively. On a parent’s evening, my English teacher told my parents he was genuinely concerned for me. I decided to increase the number of English lessons at London Science College. Each week we would practice writing paragraphs and I would receive bespoke feedback on how I can improve. We also held many discussions which helped me form better ideas and improve my analytical skills. It was an incredibly enjoyable experience and helped me to improve dramatically. By the time the summer exams came, I had achieved an 8 and 8 in both English language and literature, taking me from a failing grade to an A*. The teaching was very effective and the feedback helped to target my weaknesses. The staff are very nice and friendly whilst also being helpful and ensuring you reach your potential. It was a pleasure to study at London Science College."


(Oxford University)

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(BSc Physics)

"I’ve been to many tuitions during my time at school, but I have never been to one like London Science College.  I found myself learning topics much quicker at London Science College than I did at school as I had a lot of time with my teachers. Although being taught in a group setting, I received equal individual attention, so any misconceptions were quickly cleared. The teachers always pushed me to learn more and knowing that they wanted the best for me kept me motivated during my A levels. I also felt safe to express my opinions at London Science College as my questions never got looked down upon and got answered no matter how many times I asked. 
When I was learning at London Science College I was learning pure maths at school. My teachers at London Science College taught me topics beyond what my school was teaching - for example, topics from further maths - and it was really helpful during my first year at UCL. Even now London Science College continues to help me, as I know that I can ask questions on the forum that will get quickly answered. I’m currently a first-year physics student at UCL. "

"From the beginning of year 10 to the first year 11 mocks, I was failing English, both language and literature. It was when I began English tuition at London Science College that I saw an improvement in my English grades, and fast forward about four months, I managed to achieve a 9 in both English literature and language. At London Science College, we would practice writing paragraphs and I would receive personalized feedback on how I can improve. We had discussions that helped me form better essays and structure which was my main weakness. Apart from that, studying English at London Science College was a delightful experience as I also got to meet other students as well as tutors who really inspired me with their work and career. The tutors at London Science College are extremely hardworking and dedicated to their students. I had an amazing time studying at London Science College."


(MPharm - Pharmacy)

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