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NVQ Courses

Fast track your career and land a professional post. 

Those seeking a meaningful job role with a higher salary but don't have all the school qualifications have still got an opportunity to be part of the UK's professional working class.

The government funded course is a brilliant life line for those who didn't have a privileged highschool education

Fully Funded Courses 

Eligibility :
  • British Or Any Visa

  • Proof Of Adress

  • National Insurance Number

  • You Do NOT Have to be Employed To Be Eligible

All Courses Are Accredited & Get Diploma Certificates

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mathematics and enlish psd.png

Functional Skills Mathematics & English

Level 1 - Level 2

Diploma In Child Care

Level 2 - Level 3

Diploma In Health & Social Care

Level 2 - Level 5


Digital Skills For Work/ICT

Level 1 - Level 4

Diploma In Management

Level 2 - Level 5

Diploma In Business Administration

Level 2 - Level 3

Take The First Steps 

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