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GCSE, A-Level, Key Stage & 11+


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There is not a job or a degree that will not ask for your GCSE English. Making GCSE English language one of the most important subjects.

Our tutors have made English fun and students looking to pass have aimed and achieved 8's and 9's. we have shown it is possible to formulate your essays and categorically move through the grade


Successful Track Record

Above 90% of our students achieve A/A*'s upon completing our unique resources.


We take children from ages 8 all the way to getting them into top universities studying subject like medicine dentistry, engineering & more 

Our energetic teachers inspire and motivate to get the best out of your child



GCSE or below: £15 for 90 minute lesson.

A-Level: £20 for

90 minute lesson.


• 2 lessons 10% off
• 3 lessons 15% off
• 4 Lessons 20% off


​You could be paying as little as £8 per hour

With Multiple Subject Bookings




Usman Ahmed


"During my December year 11 mocks, I achieved a 1 and 2 in English language and literature respectively. On a parent’s evening, my English teacher told my parents he was genuinely concerned for me. I decided to increase the number of English lessons at London science college. Each week we would practice writing paragraphs and I would receive bespoke feedback on how I can improve. We also held many discussions which helped me form better ideas and improve my analytical skills. It was an incredibly enjoyable experience and helped me to improve dramatically. By the time the summer exams came, I had achieved an 8 and 8 in both English language and literature, taking me from a failing grade to an A*. The teaching was very effective and the feedback helped to target my weaknesses. The staff are very nice and friendly whilst also being helpful and ensuring you reach your potential. It was a pleasure to study at London science college."

Malaika Khan​​


"From the beginning of year 10 to the first year 11 mocks, I was failing English, both language and literature. It was when I began English tuition at London Science College, that I saw an improvement in my English grades, and fast forward about four months, I managed to achieve a 9 in both English literature and language. At London Science College, we would practice writing paragraphs and I would receive personalized feedback on how I can improve. We had discussions that helped me form better essays and structure which was my main weakness. Apart from that, studying English at London Science College was a delightful experience as I also got to meet other students as well as tutors who really inspired me with their work and career. The tutors at London Science College are extremely hardworking and dedicated to their students. I had an amazing time studying at London Science College."

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