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Summer School 2021

26th jul - 27th aug

Monday to Friday

An education-focused summer school. With the loss of education during the lockdowns, this boost can get you right back on track.

Our Promise To Parents

  • Lessons will be fun and educational at the same time.

  • Rooms are air-conditioned to keep comfortable with the heatwaves to come.

  • We will do examination condition tests to get them used to those tough environments and develop examination skills.

  • Exceptional staff that you can trust

  • Children come home happy - & tired out!

  • Convenient service and affordable childcare for busy parents

  • Children develop the fundamentals

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Debate club - This is made to be fun at the same time develop argument building skills and also the confidence to speak in front of an audience.


Presentation - Your child would grasp onto a key component of life they would require to present their thoughts in front of people and boost their confidence.


Group activities - Teaching your child skills to work together in a team and get tasks completed.

Our Promise

Year groups :


Key stage 1 - GCSE

Subject covered:

  • Mathematics

  • English literature

  • English language

  • Biology

  • Chemistry

  • Physics

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 Dates & Timings

Full-day 9 - 15:30

Part-day 9 - 13:15 


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                    Full           Part

5 Weeks.     995          720

4 Weeks      795          580

3 Weeks      630          460

2 Weeks.      470          340


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